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Training Goals

With the new year right around the corner I have started to think about what I want to accomplish in 2012. To get training started on the right foot I have ordered a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine for bike training in the cold months. This is actually a belated Christmas present which should be arriving in the new year.

To get my bike ready, I purchased a new training tire and tube for indoor use only. Looking at the dimensions made me second guess the numbers I had used to calibrate my odometer.

Turns out, I had used the wrong dimension. I had plugged in a standard 700 for tire size which uses 205cm as the wheel diameter. I then checked the actual distance my wheel travels in one revolution and found out I was doing 84 7/16 inches or 214.6 cm. This was confirmed in the computers manual, which suggest a 214 cm setting for the 700X28 tires I have installed.

So this means that I have actually cleared my training goal for 2011 with room to spare. I thought I had fallen short when the snow flew with only 1974Km on the odometer. I was really trying to get an even 2000, and was looking for a nice day to try and squeeze out that extra 30ish Km. But now I can go into the new year with a clear conscience. Because the error is in my favour with an extra 9 cm travelled for every turn of the wheel. This converts into the true total of 2060.7 Km on my bike right now.

My new goal for 2012 is to basically double that distance…4000Km total on the odometer by the end of the season.