BF3 Games

BF3 after 20 minutes

Had my first chance to play last night. First round ended with 700 points per minute. YEAH! of course that’s because I joined as the round ended, and it was two pins that gave me 700 points and almost my first rank.

I was a little disappointed in the browser experience. IE would not work and would not install the little app that was needed to run. So I installed firefox7 which immediately worked, but was constantly crashing for some reason.

I didn’t have much time to enjoy the game, but I must say that it looks way better than the beta did. There is something about it that just looks and feels better. Its awesome. love it love it love it.

As expected, there are still problems to work out. Both my buddy and I had crash issues right off the starting blocks. My second crash ended the evening because it was time for bed anyways.