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BF3 after a few hours

BF3 seems to be pretty unstable. Its sad to say, but the beta was more stable than the final build. I crashed at least 6 times last night. This was most annoying because my stats were not being saved. It would appear that they save your stats every time you respawn, which means you don’t loose it all. But I had to unlock the bipod for my SV98 four times last night because of the crashing.

Servers were responsible for about half of the crashes, which shows that there are still some serious bugs to work out. However, all the major glitches from the beta have been fixed and the game is pretty solid. Aside from the crashing its pretty sweet.

I would like larger maps. Theres the potential for some 1000 meter plus sniping, but that will only happen from one side of the map to the other. So far I would say the maps are on the small side compared to BF2, but they are bigger than BFBC2 on average.