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BF3 Beta First Impressions

Managed to sit down and play a couple hours worth of BF3 BETA AWESOMENESS last night. DICE has definitely come through on the wow factor, this game is total eye candy without the flashy high contrast color. The game has a very real and worldly feel to it.

The map starts you in a wonderful park in Paris, your out for a nice afternoon stroll and bam, some dude shoots you. At least that’s how it felt. I was trying to take in the scenery and just enjoy the great job they had done with the level design and lighting, but people were out hunting me. The cloud effect is great, there are actually moving shadows that cross the ground and change the lighting in that small area.

As expected with a BETA, there are many glitches that can be frustrating. The worst I have run into is during a weapon switch, I end up with no weapon in my hand. I can’t shoot nor can I switch to another weapon. That happened several times and always ends with me as an unarmed dead guy.

I’m not sure what to think about the web browser based game selection. It has potential to be very cool for stats tracking, but I wonder what they are doing to stop 3rd party virus crap from ruining the experience. You know its going to happen. The party system is a very cool addition. I tried to get it working with 2 friends last night. Joined up in the party and the browser only shows servers that have enough room for your group. But joining the server was a problem. Even though you are invited, each person has to accept the invitation, then the invitation to join the server. I ended up not being able to join the server because “I had a reserve slot already on the server” WHAT? I have a reserve slot and its not using it, instead its blocking me from entering?

Deffinately has some bugs to work out. But the game looks awesome. Only time will tell if it plays like a true winner.

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