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well the first update was released and it would seem that the stability has been improved, but its still not quite there. I don’t think my computer crashed at all last night, but there were still a couple server side crashes that halted game play for a bit.

I’m a little frustrated with the ping reporting, its difficult to impossible to find out what servers have a good ping for you. some times it just won’t report. so you join a server only to find out you will be moon-walking and teleporting half the time.

I think I have managed to play all the maps now. there are 2-3 that are specifically designed for CQC loving COD players. I don’t like them because they are so bottle-necked, chances of advance are almost impossible. Siene crossing and Operation Metro are 2 maps that need better balance for conquest play. There are no openings to flank and you are forced to use 3 tiny openings to advance. Just setup the chuck-wagons in a nice circle around the opening s and nothing can get through. Its really a one sided match on Metro, and the Russians always win.

The larger maps are good for sniping. So far my longest head shot is about 650 meters. Plenty of room to reach out further than that, although I think they have capped the distance that your bullets will fly. Again I was having difficulty hitting targets until I moved in. That’s when I started connecting shots at 500+ meters. I am also having trouble with mouse sensitivity, the crosshairs seem to move 2-3 pixels at a time instead of just 1. This makese it very difficult to line up the long shots. I guess I need to do a little mouse investigation to find out if its my computer or the game that’s at fault.

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Regarding the mouse. If youre using a brand mouse like razer or logitech, go to your mouse driver settings , max out the mouse dpi (resolution) then go to window mouse settings to adjust the mouse to your liking. When youre back in game u might have to lower sensitivity there even more. But basicly that procedure pulls maximum quality out of your mouse. (My english skills might suck). If this doesnt work for you, then post what is your specific mouse brand, model.

Logitech G5 which I have been using since my BF2 days without issue. This is the first time I have ever noticed in a BF game that the long range sniping is difficult because its skipping several pixels. It was just fine during the BF3 beta, so I assume there is something they changed in the code. I can get pixel by pixel movement in all other applications.

Also the lag you experience ingame doesnt come from the ping to the server address but more likely is caused by the server software itself, so only visible ingame.

I have no idea how the coding works, all I can say is that I join a server have the standard lag issues. Step foreward 5 feet, server resets me back 2, go up the stairs, teleport back to the bottom and re-climb the stairs. Shoot at a guy and watch him magically appear somewhere else. At this point I quit and find a new server. Which does not have the same issues.

Yeah about that teleporting back, thats exacly server lag, it has nothing to do with ping. Ping is a way to determine latency between network ards taht are in the computers. while this lag is cause by the BF3 server application they use. Or their hardware is too slow. So you can join a server with ping of 20ms, and then experience lag while youre inside the game. I didnt see a single server in EU without that lag. And all servers i join give me 12-25ms ping.

About the mouse, i watched all of your sniper school episodes, and I heard about pixel by pixel movement. But actually pixels on screen have nothing to do with mouse movements. So it is possible to move mouse 3 pixels every step, 3.5 pixels ,1 or even 0.1 depending on how much DPI your mouse has. It looks like Loogitech G5 has following resolutions of the sensor, 400/800/2000 dpi, if youre running 2k then its good. However. I didnt play Beta so ive got no clue how it was but in the retail, i dont like how mouse movements are detected.
I cant do a fast 360 with my mouse, it will do only like 40 degrees. But when I move it slowly, then the movement is correct and i can do more than 360 with one move of my hand. I dont have further clue to, why it might be happening, I dont have a spare mouse with lower dpi to check it. But i do think that my mouse isnt as precise as in other games. Lets say that my mouse can move only pixel by pixel on screen. I have 5600dpi on my Razer Naga Epic. Sorry for this wall-o-text.

PS: your sniping tips are awesome. I didnt play BF too much lately, only 1942 and vietnam long ago. And now im really enjoying those 650m+ headshots :D. I soon get m40a5, is it better than sv98 in range and damage?

Got m98b today, new longest headshot record 827m 😀 best round was 11k score and 20/0 stats on operation firestorm

I pinpointed the mouse problems, both our problems are caused by the game not supporting high resolution dpi. You move ur scope every 3 pixels on screen cause of low dpi of your mouse and I have problems with negative acceleration when i move my mouse rapidly cause of high dpi of my mouse. Totally a dev screwup, it needs a patch.

I haven’t had enough time yet to fool around with all the settings. I’m kind of addicted to just getting the M98B right now. Unlocked the M40A5 last night…finally a decent bolt gun.

Congrats on the 827meter shot. I can’t wait to really start pushing the limits of the game. I’m hoping you can go beyond 1000, and there are several maps where it should be possible. But the SV98 just doesn’t seem to get there. Its like theres an invisible wall that your bullets hit.

The inputs seem to be a downer at the moment. I was trying to setup my thrustmaster stick+throttle the other night so I could start to use the Jets(I hate mouse control on jets). After about an hour of frustration I gave up. Its so difficult at times to get into a jet in the first place, only to find out that the default pitch axis is backwards and I Crash the plane. Then the server resets. UHG!

Yes , the sv98’s bullets vaporize after 750m or something. M40 can hit up to 800 i pretty sure. But my new longest headshot with the M98B is 941m basicly between spawns on caspian border.
And sometimes nice killing streak:
Altho it requires the game to have enough idiots to stand still lol.

I started learning to fly few days ago, I didnt play BF2 or any BC so its completely new experience to me. After a day i got a hang of it but since i dont have any joysticks, piloting a jet is a pain especially against those who have some flightsim friendly controller.
Good luck with m98b when u get it, this thing is a beast. Feels like you dont have to leave your spawn to do your job XD.

Nice shooting and nice score. That has the looks of a Hacker…HA HA!

I spent another 30 minutes trying to get my stick setup for flying. All the keys mapped great and I was liking the flying, BUT, my on foot settings are now messed. I cannot run or shoot. So I unplugged the stick and reset to defaults…again…and continued sniping. I stayed up late last night by two maps to unlock the M98…the real fun will begin tonight.

people tend to be pretty hostile to me, especially those who try to hit me for 5 mins, and i headshot them the few seconds i notice their whereabouts :<. In older games i played , people thought i hack cause in spectator mode you could see exacly what i see on my screen(with crosshair and so) and my crosshair usually teleported on the head in 200-300ms time. That was in RTCW: Enemy Territory from 2003-2008. Then I played too much mmorpgs and moba, and lost almost all my skill. What i like very much about BF3 is that you can strafe while you shoot someone in close quarters, which is very alike to RTCW:ET. Cause what people do is, they stop completely then aim you in the chest and shoot. What I do is Aim your head, shoot and move left or right while keeping my crosshair on you.

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