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December BF3 Sniping Footage

I have had a cold for the last couple week that is affecting my voice. This has stalled the production of my new series of BF3 videos. My subscribers are constantly asking for more video footage so I decided to throw together a quick montage.


3 replies on “December BF3 Sniping Footage”

How do judge distance and bullet drop so well? Also, whats your favorite sniper rifle in the game? I just unlocked the SV98 and 12 power sight but I still just need a lot of practice I suppose. I wish, even at 500 meters, a center mass hit would drop someone like it actually would. And does the use of a bipod eliminate the need to hold your breath?

What awesome shots…But one thing I always wanted to ask: Why do you use Laser Sights?

Only fashion or are they serving a greater purpose I failed to identify? Because as far as I know, at long ranges and when using scopes, they are useless. =S

You know…I never tought about the ocasional close encounters where the only option is to close the eyes and pull the trigger. Makes so much sense.

Btw…”As a sniper, there’s only one reason to use the Tac light, and that’s for stupidity.”

I just LOVED that line. Screw these “quick scopers”!

Thanks for the tip 😀

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