Video games have been a big part of my life. I like to unwind in the evenings playing first person shooters on PC. Its a fun and interactive way to connected with some of my friends who have moved out of town.

Gaming started back when me and my brothers found an ATARI under the Christmas tree. That thing saw many of hours and fights for whose turn it was to play.

Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and N64 followed up. It was 007 Goldeneye that really took my interest. I wasted alot of time having 4 way battles with friends. That game really started my down the FPS path.

Castle Wolfenstein, Doom, Doom2, and DukeNukem 3D were some favorites that I played alot in high school. The big trick was to hide the install file somewhere the teacher wouldn’t look and rename it to something obscure. Then you would install and play while he wasn’t around. Exiting and deleting the file as fast as possible when he entered the room. Games were short lived back then.

After high school, it was UNREAL tournament and Wolfenstien ET that really had me addicted. I would play as much as possible.

But the doors really shut when I discovered BF2. That game devoured my life and all I could think about was playing the game. I was so into it that I started making instructional videos about the game and posted them on YouTube.

Eventually the flame died down and I started looking for a good replacement. I tried almost everything that was on the market at the time. Modern Warfare 2 and Team Fortress 2 stayed at the top for a little while. But ArmA was the real replacement I found.

ArmA is more of a simulation than a game. You really need to plan your actions. The realism was great and I really enjoyed the game. Life changes, made it so that I could no longer hook up with my clan mates to play, and gaming took a dive for a while.

BFBC2 was the next game that I really started to play. But unfortunately, DICE made that game for the console and ported it to PC. So the game had many annoying features.

I am now eagerly awaiting the release of BF3. From what I can tell, it will be the BF2 replacement I have been waiting for…only time will tell if its my next addiction.


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