• Are you going to get BF3?

You bet, I had it pre-ordered the first day it was available!

  • Whats your BF3 name?

L0ts_0f_Pain. With zeros instead of o’s

  • Are you going to make a new sniper school series of videos?

YES, the new series is called BF3 Recon Field Manual.

  • What computer should I get to play the game?

I don’t know, I’m not even sure if the official system requirements are out yet. However I can tell you what I am doing in preparation for the game. I am trying to make my computer as bad ass as possible so that I can easily play the game at max settings and still be able to record video while maintaining a high frame rate. Currently this is what I am running :

  • MB = ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO
  • CPU = AMD PHENOM II X6 1100T 3.3GHz w/ 9MB cache OVER-CLOCKED to 3.71 Ghz
  • CPU Heat Sink = Scythe Ninja 3
  • RAM = Corsair XMS3 4 X 2 Gig = 8 gig total
  • GPU = Radeon HD 5770 1GB GDDR5 PCI-E, over clocked to 920 Mhz and 1320 on the memory.
  • HD = 2x500GB drive in a RAID 0, 1x2TB storage drive
  • PSU = Corsair HX 650 modular
  • Case = NZXT Phantom Full Tower
  • Monitor = Samsung SyncMaster 2343
  • Keyboard = Ergo plus cheapy
  • Mouse = Logitech G5
  • Stick = Logitech AfterBurner

The only thing left to get is a better video card. I am looking at a Nvidia GTX 570 or Radeon HD 6950. But first I want to see how my 5770 can handle the BETA. I may not need to upgrade.

  • I really want to snipe with you…

Well, I have a life, and can only play for a couple hours a day if I’m lucky. When I am online, it will be sometime after 8:00 PM Mountain time. Look me up.


Well kids, as I said above I have a life, and can only dedicate a couple hours a day to fun stuff. Video editing is included in that, so I have to cut up my personal time carefully. If i am going to make a video, it means I am not playing the game. Something for the haters to remember. Creating and uploading videos makes me a less worthy opponent. I could be improving my skills, but instead I decided to share something with the world.

The sniper school series was a big drain on my life. Each finished episode had several hours of video to sift through to find material that demonstrated my point. I probably spent 2 weeks editing each one individually, or 30 man hours per episode. That’s over 300 hours of my life that could have been spent playing the game.

So making a new series of videos based on BF3 is a bit of a daunting task. But, i also enjoying making them. And as long as my viewers enjoy what I have to say, I’ll keep making videos.

  • Whats your favorite Recon Load out?

I have two general styles of Recon play : assault and long range.

Recon Assault:

  1. UMP
  2. Suppressor
  3. Holographic Sight
  4. Laser
  5. M443Tac
  6. TADs
  7. Radio Beacon
  8. Squad / Extra ammo

Long range:

  1. M98B
  2. 12x Ballistic scope
  3. Laser
  4. Bi-pod
  5. M443Tac
  6. MAV
  7. Radio Beacon
  8. Squad / Extra ammo

I now have a new load-out for medium range sniping :

  1. M40A5
  2. 8X scope
  3. Straight Pull Bolt
  4. Suppressor
  5. M443Tac
  6. MAV
  7. Beacon
  8. Squad / Extra Ammo


  • Why do you use the laser? Doesn’t it give away your position?

The Laser is absolutely useless at long range. The real question is what option to use in that slot. Tac Flashlight, laser, or suppressor. All of these options are for short range engagements. Tac lights make the most sense on assault rifles for CQC. As a sniper, there’s only one reason to use the Tac light, and that’s for stupidity. M98B with Holo sight, Tac light, and straight pull bolt, this works great for close range one shot kills. But if you want to do that, just pick up an assault rifle instead.

The suppressor is virtually useless for bolt guns in this game. It cuts your max range in half or more and reduces your damage. The small gain in stealth is not worth it on a bolt action. The suppressor is best used on a semi auto rifles of some sort for closer engagements. At long range you don’t need to worry about the report of you rifle. One thing it can do for you: Hit a target on the other side of a rock. This is very hard to do, but if you know where someone is hiding, the increased bullet drop makes it so you can lob the bullet over the top of obstacles and drop in on the target.

I use the laser because it gives you an accuracy bonus for hip shooting. This is something all sniper rifles need for close range instant reaction type engagements. I find that my no-scope kills have really increased since I started using it, and I have only had one incident so far where it gave away my position. My opinion: The Laser is the best choice of the three available for a bolt action rifle. Your scope glare already gives away your position; the laser is not nearly as noticeable, so you may as well take the accuracy gain for hip shots.

  • How do you get so many long range Kills?

Two things. Firstly, as director and editor of my videos, I have the power to only show you what I want to. This means I can make myself look like an amazing sniper even though I may not be. Creative editing is the Key. Second is practice. The only way you can get better is to take the shot and hope for the best. Pay close attention to how much you miss by and adjust your aim. After a while you will know how much to adjust your shot based on target size. This is something that can only be learned with time and experience.

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