• Dude I want to play with you, when can we meet?

I don’t play BF2 anymore, that flame went out a long time ago. However I do play BFBC2 and WILL BE PLAYING BF3 once the beta is released. You can usually find me online after the kids go to bed around 8:00 PM Mountain time. BFBC2 name is Lots_of_pain.

  • I think I was sniped by you last night in BF2…

No, no you weren’t. As I said above I do not play BF2 anymore. There are many impostors using a similar name. Got_ya_good was my BF2 name, if you look close thier name will have other characters such as got_yaa_good or got_ya_goood or 1got_ya_good.

  • You suck man, I am a way better sniper than you!

That’s nice, no where in my videos do I ever claim to be the best online sniper in the world. I would say that I am above average, but there are plenty of people who can out snipe me. That said, if you get a clean head shot on me, be warned that I will usually hunt you down and return the favor. Remember, video editing lets me show you only what I want you too see, so I can make myself look awesome. Thus you should take ALL video with a grain of salt.

  • How do you get that third person view?

Its called Battle Recorder and it takes ALOT of patience to use. You access it through the “community” tab of the BF2 options menu. This feature allows you to play back battles you have been a part of. WARNING : there are very few servers that have the service setup “correctly”. I do not know any server names that have it running. You need to go through a series of trial and error to find just one. This WILL BE a long and frustrating process. Good luck to you. There are many online demos and instructional videos that will help you on your way, go look it up.

  •  How do you record video?

I use a program called FRAPS. There is a free demo you can download to try it out. The first few video of my sniper school series were made with the free version. I now run the full version which does not have the logo and gives you more control.

  • What do you use for editing the video?

The entire sniper school series was put together using Windows movie maker. This program is free to windows users and is really quite powerful for such a simple program. The key to making it work is to download the hundreds of plug-ins that exist across the net. The plug-ins are the key to complicated video sequences.

  • How did you get the clean BF2 video with no mini-map?

I covered this in Sniper school 5. The key is to remove the HUD.

  1. Press the till key to access the console. Its the wave key to the left of 1 and above tab.
  2. type in the following : renderer.drawhud 0
  3. Press the till key again
  4. To bring back the HUD type : renderer.drawhud 1

Note :  there are certain functions of the game that are not usable while the HUD is removed. Such as the squad communication commo. You’ll figure it out as you go. Only remove the HUD when you are ready to record video.

  • Whats your favorite sniper rifle in BF2?

As you may have noticed from my videos, I pretty much always used the L96A1. It is the most accurate and repeatable rifle in the game. It does max damage to soft targets, and it has a razor thin cross hairs. The only thing it lacks is the ability to shoot through glass like the M95.

  • How do you get the L96A1?

You have to play the special forces expansion pack for at least one or two complete maps. This allows you to unlock the third tier of weapons and gives you more unlock points. If you have played SF, then you can use your second unlock point to get the L96A1.

  • What mouse sensitivity do you use?

I stick with default settings, and some times that feels a little to sensitive to me. I like slow and precise movements, not fast and twitchy.

  • What video settings should I use in game?

I always recommend the max settings you computer can handle while still maintaining a good to great frame rate. Nothing worse than trying to aim at a target that only refreshes ever half second. Frame rate is king to me and I prefer to have 60 FPS or higher. Lower dynamic lighting and dynamic shadows first, because they are WOW factor and do not increase your ability to snipe. After that its up to you. Make sure you are always getting your max draw distance. Set the slider to 100% all the time. To test draw distance, sit 400 meters from a spawn area / flag and watch to see if you can see people re-spawning in. 400 meters is the max draw distance for human targets most of the time, however it does glitch and give you longer distances sometimes. For optimum sniping, you want max draw distance and a high frame rate.

  • What resolution are you using in game?

Back when I made the sniper school series, I was using a 19″ square monitor at 1280×1024. I now use a 24″ LCD wide-screen at 2048×1152.

  • What are your computer specs?

I can’t remember specs of my BF2 gaming machine from back then, so here is my current set-up:

    • MB = ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO
    • CPU = AMD PHENOM II X6 1100T 3.3GHz w/ 9MB cache NOT OVER-CLOCKED YET
    • CPU Heat Sink = Scythe Ninja 3
    • RAM = Corsair XMS3 4 X 2 Gig = 8 gig total
    • GPU = Radeon HD 5770 1GB GDDR5 PCI-E
    • HD = 2x500GB drive in a RAID 0
    • PSU = Corsair HX 650 modular
    • Case = NZXT Phantom Full Tower
    • Monitor = Samsung SyncMaster 2343
    • Keyboard = Ergo plus cheapy
    • Mouse = Logitech G5
    • Stick = Logitech AfterBurner
  • Whats your favorite server to play on?

When I was playing, I preferred infantry only and sniper only servers. No idea what they go by anymore and IP addresses change all the time. Just search for “sniper” and you should get a few to choose from.

  • Dude, you should totally try Project Reality. The sniping is sick!

I have tried PR several times. I first tried it at version 0.1 and didn’t like it. I tried it again at version 0.3, the improvements were great and it lasted a week or two. I tried it one last time at version 0.63 and I gave it a good solid month. I was really liking the improvements they made. It was fun and team orientated, and the sniping was awesome. BUT, the problem with PR, is that its based on the BF2 engine. Even though PR hardly resembles BF2 anymore, it is still bound by the same annoying features that plagued BF2. No matter how hard Black Sands Studio tries, they will not be able to create a truly realistic/better game until they write thier own game engine, which they should. I would be really interested to see what kind of FPS they would make.

  • Have you tried ArmA?

Yes, I even put some video online. That was the game that replaced BF2 for almost a year. Its very realistic and has a ton of easy to use mods. Sniping is great. Many hours wasted. The only problem is that not enough people know about it. So it doesn’t get the support it needs. A larger player base would be great. And no I have not tried ArmA2 yet, I don’t have time to play them all.

  • What about COD Modern Warfare?

I played it, single player was great the first time through. Multi player was fun for about a week. Then it became boring. There is no team play, the maps are small, the perks system is stupid, everyone is an assault whore, nade spamming is the worst ever………yawn.


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