• Whats your in game name?

I go by “Lots_of_pain” right now because someone stole Got_ya_good before I could reserve it.

  • Whats your favorite server?

I don’t really have one, because the server favoriting system is so crappy, I don’t even bother trying to log them anymore. I just do a fresh search every time or join a friends game. Mostly I am looking for low pings.

  • What game style do you prefer?

I am almost always playing Hard-core more. The game was nerfed too much for the console. I hate the kill-cam and the HUD. Its still too much of a sci-fi type game. I prefer reality. Conquest and rush are the way to go.

  • Whats your favorite sniper rifle?

I prefer the M95. Mildots are a huge advantage for follow-up and long range shots, plus it does the most damage. It also has a larger viewable area than the M24. If the GOL had a better reticule I would use it instead. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could choose the reticule for any rifle?

  • What is your standard sniper load out?
  1. M95
  2. MP-412 REX
  3. Mortar strike
  4. 12x scope
  5. Magnum ammo
  6. Vehicle optics




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