Fire Arms


I didn’t think I was going to shoot one of these anytime soon, the cost is a little more than I would normally want to pay. But due to some insider connections I had the pleasure of shooting a 50 caliber rifle on the cheap.


I was a little suprised as you may expect. Firstly, Barret does an amazing job of cleaning up the recoil. The Fancy recoil reduction springs combined with that enormous muzzle brake made this single shot rifle feel like it had less recoil than my .308WIN. I took a total of three shot and was completely amazed at how gentle the rifle is to shoot, a total pleasure. That said, the massive muzzle brake is pointed backwards and sends a ton of the blast right back at you, which hits you solidly in the face. Every shot fired gives you a shock wave smack in the face which is quite the experience.

I was a little disappointed that they only had a 4x red dot mounted to the rifle and the mount was shady. Thus the zero was off. We tried to correct, but an indoor range only has 25 meters to play with so it was kind of a waste of bullets from that perspective. I did not get the epic shot I was tying for, which will be in one of my Aiming for Accuracy videos in the future.

We then finished off the night shooting various rental rifles and pistols which again…is always a ton of fun.