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New Target thats fun to shoot

I spent a bunch of time producing a new target that is great fun to shoot with a semi auto .22LR. I acquired the free lumber from a neighbour who had some warped poles from an old backyard flower bed. Then at work we changed out the blade on the bobcat, so I took the old blade and chopped it down into smaller 5″ by 8-12″ chunks. All that was needed was a few lag bolts to hold it all together (see post below). Total cost for two targets like this, $45.00 and a couple hours to put it all together.

I’m pretty happy with the end result, although they do not ring out quite as nice as I’d like. I was really hoping they would give a good long ring, but the density of the metal makes for more of a tink noise. However, it is still a musical target which should give endless amounts of fun for the next few years.