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Road to Precision part XXII

Its time to take this rifle to a competition, the 300 meter ISSF is the first one I am able to attend. Results are okay but expected because I ran short of time for load development.

I will begin looking into seating depth adjustments after this.

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Hi Ryan,
I recently found and am now following your series – well done. I started F Class shooting about the same time you did and have had just a few frustrations with my Savage Model 12 F/TR. Your first 800m comp rang true with me except I was having these problems at shorter distances. Switched to an old Omark (Australian made rifle) with a match barrel and suddenly was getting hits where I was aiming. I have since had my Savage off with the Smithy to get bedded and a new muzzel crown recut. First shot out of the rifle after the work was an X (ICFRA targets) at 800m and ended up with a 20 shot score of 102 and 2 X’s.
Please continue with your series, particularly the Wind Flag, Aim point and imapct point examples from your comp shoots – we all can benefit from seeing what the wind does 🙂



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