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Road to Precision part XXIII

With the end of the season approaching rapidly, I tune my target load some more by adjusting the bullet seating depth.


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Thanks for all the video’s. They are great! It really shows that you put a lot of time and energy into the recording and editing. I bought a Rem SPS tactical in .308 to try long range shooting. It re-enforces the steps that I do watch you use and test them. I also pick up more and new tricks from your video’s. I have a question regarding types of rest. From a bench I have been using a loaded/pressure on the-bipod and rear sand bag. What do you think of a Caldwell’s Tackdriver bag+ rear?—your load developement is from sand bags vs bi-pod?

TroyMNZF 5 minutes ago
I left this message on your youtube posting, but it only allows limited space. We after watching all 23 of your videos I have more to talk about that the limited space allows. Again Thanks for the video’s. I live in SE Minnesota my club range is only 200 yards. I am making a trip to see family in AZ for Christmas. Trying to get the guns ready to shoot at Ben Avery shooting center. They have a 600 and 1000 that I should be able to practice with some local shooters. I have a good load for 168 SMK but com to find out that is not a 1000 bullet from a .308. Now I have a OK load with 168 Hornady BTHP that does not have the same transonic eratic issues (from what I read). I am ready to shoot at 600yards, I have a couple 400 yard groups that look good. The best(SMK), I prob could not repeat, but is 3 shot <1" at 400 yards. I saw your great 600 yard shooting, and then you do the 1000 and it looked very hard. I have a Sporter weight .270 Winchester that might get used, depending on what the short range groups look like. What is your thought on bullet run-out? I have not seen you check or talk about it and your precision it great. Also regarding measuring internal capacity with a liquid vs case weight for sorting. I noticed the powder height can in relationship to the neck case to case. Not a good sign but the powder weight is not off that much. It is a cheap scale but has reproducable results. If I do not watch it it does creep up to .08 grains. Your Gem Pro 250 is on my long list of wants. I saw some on Ebay around $60-70?
Do you still LOVE your Nightforce scope? Any others you would consider?
Thanks for your time and I hope to be able to pick your brain some regarding shooting in the future.

In the time that I was shooting 168’s, I never had any of the issues that people talk about. My bullets always penetrated the target with nice round holes. I have only seen key holes on .223’s when a slow twist was used with heavy bullets. Then the key hole was made at only 50 yards….yes….50 yards, while trying to sight in the scope of a friends rifle. Needless to say that was the end of using those bullets for him.

The problem with .308 at extended ranges is that it was never really desginged for extremely long ranges. The USMC states that the NATO round is only effective to 800 meters. The .308 works great out to 600 yards, but it gets dicy after that.

As for run-out, I am not really interested in taking it to that level. Reloading takes enough time as it is. From what I’ve read about it, I can’t see it making that big of a difference. I could be wrong, but at that level you are looking for benchrest precision.

The gempro is one of my best investment. Saves me time, and increases reloading precision. Definately a good buy in my eyes.

I still love my nightforce. Of course there are a few thing I know now that would change the purchase a little. First is that I would loose the MLR reticle and go with NP-R1 with MOA turrets. Mil is more coarse than MOA which has caused me greif on a few occassions. You can now buy that scope with fast turrets and zero stop. Niether were available at the time I purchased, and I would like them. I hear sightron are actually the best bang for your buck.

Snap on boroscope model BK5500. It comes with a .335″ head, but you can get an smaller one which is .215″ which works great for rifle bores.

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