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Road to Precision part XXIII

With the end of the season approaching rapidly, I tune my target load some more by adjusting the bullet seating depth.


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Thanks for all the video’s. They are great! It really shows that you put a lot of time and energy into the recording and editing. I bought a Rem SPS tactical in .308 to try long range shooting. It re-enforces the steps that I do watch you use and test them. I also pick up more and new tricks from your video’s. I have a question regarding types of rest. From a bench I have been using a loaded/pressure on the-bipod and rear sand bag. What do you think of a Caldwell’s Tackdriver bag+ rear?—your load developement is from sand bags vs bi-pod?

TroyMNZF 5 minutes ago
I left this message on your youtube posting, but it only allows limited space. We after watching all 23 of your videos I have more to talk about that the limited space allows. Again Thanks for the video’s. I live in SE Minnesota my club range is only 200 yards. I am making a trip to see family in AZ for Christmas. Trying to get the guns ready to shoot at Ben Avery shooting center. They have a 600 and 1000 that I should be able to practice with some local shooters. I have a good load for 168 SMK but com to find out that is not a 1000 bullet from a .308. Now I have a OK load with 168 Hornady BTHP that does not have the same transonic eratic issues (from what I read). I am ready to shoot at 600yards, I have a couple 400 yard groups that look good. The best(SMK), I prob could not repeat, but is 3 shot <1" at 400 yards. I saw your great 600 yard shooting, and then you do the 1000 and it looked very hard. I have a Sporter weight .270 Winchester that might get used, depending on what the short range groups look like. What is your thought on bullet run-out? I have not seen you check or talk about it and your precision it great. Also regarding measuring internal capacity with a liquid vs case weight for sorting. I noticed the powder height can in relationship to the neck case to case. Not a good sign but the powder weight is not off that much. It is a cheap scale but has reproducable results. If I do not watch it it does creep up to .08 grains. Your Gem Pro 250 is on my long list of wants. I saw some on Ebay around $60-70?
Do you still LOVE your Nightforce scope? Any others you would consider?
Thanks for your time and I hope to be able to pick your brain some regarding shooting in the future.

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