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Pass Port Frustration

I have been trying to get my passport updated over the last two days has been very frustrated. There are some very simple thing I have learned about the process.

  1. Don’t rush or be in a rush to fill out / drop off the application. Have plenty of time on the clock, or several days.
  2. Do use large block letters and black ink. Or fill in the online PDF and print it out.
  3. Make sure your photo meets the requirements exactly, don’t trust anyone including the photographer. The P/P agents are very picky and this will cost you another photo session.
  4. If your signature touches the box, don’t worry, the P/P agents now have stickies that can paste over top and you can re-sign. You don’t have to start from scratch anymore.
  5. The guarantor requirements are now much lower than they used to be. Read up on what the new requirements are and save yourself some more time.
  6. Double, triple, and quadruple check your information before you go to the P/P office.
  7. Its best to arrive before the office doors are even open to minimize your time in line-ups.

As you can probably guess, I broke all the rules I just stated and it cost me time, money, and a whole lot of stress.

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