Real Life

The difference 30 seconds will make:

On my drive to work this morning, I nearly rear ended the driver in front of me when he suddenly hauled on the brakes to avoid something. Turns out a truck travelling the opposite direction lost control and came through the meridian just a few moments earlier, and a road sign with its 4×4 post was in our lane. So I parked, moved the sign off the road, checked to make sure the driver was Okay, and continued with my drive.

Rewind to last night.

My son was puking and keeping us up. Not a very good nights sleep. While I was getting ready for work I noticed that my daughter was up and playing in the toy room. I decided to take the 30 odd seconds to make sure she had something to eat. I was hoping that my wife and son could get some extra sleep and not be woken up by a little girl with an empty stomach.

Without that 30 second detour, I probably would have been in the prime position to be side swiped by the truck as it crossed the meridian and took out that sign.