Real Life

Thiefs…make me laugh.

Not sure if the lock was picked or I just forgot to lock it, but my car was ransacked last night. Opened the door this morning to find my glove box contents all over the place. This is the 4th or 5th time my car has been taken advantage of in my lifetime, but this is the best one yet.

Nothing of real value was taken. I lost my toque, mits, and a pocket knife. Thats it.

My Mini-Mag light was still there, all personal data, CD’s, Stereo, sunglasses. Heck they even missed the coin tray. But I assume that is because a Yaris has its coin holder in an uncommon place.

I figure they probably need the clothing more than me, and now I have a reason to buy a nice new set. I would say that this is the nicest thief I have ever had to deal with…or the dumbest.