Carson Adapter

Carson UAYou have a nice spotting scope that you use for bird watching and such. You also have a smart phone with an HD camera. Have you tried to take pictures or video through your scope yet? If you have then I am sure you have found the frustration that comes with trying to maintain optical center line while pushing buttons. Well with the Carson universal smart phone adapter, you can easily mount your phone camera to your expensive optic. After a few moments of alignment you will be able to take beautiful pictures using two devices you already have in your arsenal.

The Carson universal smart phone adapter, works on many more optics such as a spotting scope for bird watching, telescopes, rifle scopes, micro scopes and others I can’t think of. Basically, if you can put your eye to a lens to see something, this device will allow your smart phone camera to easily take a picture of what ever you are looking through.

For any YouTube publisher like myself, this device is a must have in your kit. It allows you to easily share optical content that was previously only capable with expensive additions made from proprietary equipment. HD pictures and videos are how an easy thing to accomplish using your current equipment.

Carson UAmNow, there are some limitations to the device. It is by no means a professional quality device. There are some limiting factors which a professional would not be willing to deal with on a daily basis. For example, the feet are made of a soft silicone to help protect your expensive optics. But that soft silicone does not have the gripping ability it needs to hold up your smart phone against gravity. Sadly I have found that the best orientation to combat this issue is with the unit mounted vertically above the optic, so that gravity is assisting to hold the camera in place. This means no wide angle shot. Another problem is that the unit is made from fairly thin plastic, which makes its long term durability questionable. A solid aluminum version would be great, but that would require a much strong spring to assist in holding the camera on the optic. Of course we don’t really want all that weight on an optic in the first place, so its a difficult design issue.

All in all, I am happy with the device and I have capture some amazing shots. I continue to come up with new creative ways to use optics, now that I have the option to easily record HD video through said optic.


Available at many outlets including Amazon.

See the demo video below for some of my early test footage.


Pros :

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to fit the camera
  • Comes with carry case
  • Works on almost any optic you can think of.

Cons :

  • Silicone feet are not grippy enough.
  • Spring for the feet should be a little stronger to help hold the camera in place.
  • The entire unit is made of fairly thin plastic, durability may become an issue.

Notes : Apparently this model only supports phones up to the size of an Iphone 5. The Iphone 6 or any other large tablet like device (Samsung Galaxy line) are too big to fit.

Ryan’s Rating:

  1. Design : 4/5 – There are a few minor design issues that could use some upgrades, but over all it does what its designed to with relative ease and little instruction. Its quite intuitive.
  2. Quality : 4/5 – The device seems to be just strong enough to do what it needs, many parts feel thin and flimsy, an all aluminum counterpart would receive top grades here.
  3. Durability : 3/5 – Thin plastic, I do not see this device standing up to regular use and abuse, I already have plans to upgrade some of the listed issues above.
  4. Aesthetics : 5/5 – Looks good, green and black work well together. I have no complaints in this department.
  5. Value : 4/5 – I bought mine on sale from, so I am more than happy with the value I have received. Full price would be a little more annoying considering some of the issue listed.

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