GoPro Hero 2

My target camera lived up to its name and ended up getting shot. I tried to recover the tape but it was totally destroyed. Thus, I needed a new camera to fill the void. I had been looking into HD cameras so that I could get with the times and start uploading higher quality videos to YouTube.<

One little camera that had caught my attention was the Gopro hero. The ability to shoot HD video to an SD card was really appealing to me. It just so happened that there was a really good sale at a local store, so I decided to pick one up. With in minutes it became my new favorite toy. This little camera delivers a great picture and the USB interface allows for instant replay on any of the latest generation flat screen TVs. I was recording all sorts of things for no reason other than to watch the playback in HD.

The camera is really easy to use once you figure out the menus. I must say that the menu navigation can be a little frustrating due to the fact that you only have two buttons to work with. But once you get to know the order its not that bad. Recording is instant because there is no focusing to be done. That said, you need to have the camera at least eight inches from the subject to get a nice crisp image, anything closer will result in a blurry image. That may not sound bad, but consider the fact that its a wide angle lens. Getting a closeup on anything is pretty much impossible. But that’s not what this camera was designed for.

The camera does live up to its claims quite well. The HD video is clean and crisp. The colors and depth of field are amazing. And the color range is awesome. I am surprised how well it handles shooting directly at the sun. You can have a nice sun shot with some lens flare and still make out detail in the shadows. I am constantly amazed by the daytime shooting quality this camera can produce. Low light is another story. The image gets grainy really quick and the HD breaks down to what I’d call standard definition in evening/night shots.



Overall I am very impressed with this camera and I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a compact HD camera that is easy to use and can take a beating.


A good example of the color range capabilities:

Pros :

  • HD video
  • 60 and 120 fps capable at lower resolutions
  • Solid state – no moving parts – records well during vibration and recoil
  • Compact – can be used in tight corners
  • 8″ minimum focus distance.
  • Easy to use
  • Includes water proof case
  • SD card media

Cons :

  • Buttons need to be pushed hard
  • Only two buttons
  • Battery only lasts about an hour
  • HD is only for wide angle, narrow view options record at lower resolution.

Notes : I love this camera, it is now the most heavily utilized camera in my collection. There’s a part of me that wishes I had bought two while they were on sale.

Ryan’s Rating:

  1. Design : 4/5 – Very well thought out, small and easy to use, one or two more buttons would be nice for menu navigation.
  2. Quality : 4/5 – Every component is well built, the only downer is the plastic hinge points on the accessories.
  3. Durability : 5/5 – Solid state camera with no moving parts, this thing can take vibration and recoil with ease and keep filming without dropping a frame.
  4. Aesthetics : 5/5 – Small package that looks good, no real complaints here.
  5. Value : 4/5 – The price point is a little high considering other HD cameras you can get for the same price. However I think it was well worth the money.


Recoil test video :

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