Nordic Track C1750

As the winter drags on, I was looking for a way to increase my training for the really poor weather days. My wife had been bugging me to get a treadmill for a while so I decided it was time to invest in some fitness equipment that could benefit us both. After searching the Internet for reviews on the subject, I had decided on the Nordic Track commercial 1750.

I purchased mine for $1600 in Feb 2012 directly from the website, and it arrived about a week later. After moving the heavy pieces upstairs, I assembled the unit and set it in front of a few windows. One of the big no-no’s of treadmill placement, is setting them up in the basement or garage where its dark and musty, and easily forgotten to collect dust. So a well lit room is key to successful training.

Sad to say I have only used it a few times. I was immediately bored of running when I stepped onto the machine. All you have to look at is the tiny display which slowly counts off the time or kilometers. I am not very keen on using this thing and would much rather run outside in the cold. However; my wife uses it quite frequently.

Of the few times I have used it I was quite impressed by the unit. Speed and incline worked great. You can watch Google street view pre-planned routes while you run, and all the information is there. That said, the small screen is quite full and has tiny numbers. This makes it hard to read while sprinting. Worse yet is the fact that the touchscreen is very picky about how you touch it. So you can’t really use it while running.

Another problem is the heart rate monitor. It works great, but has conditions. You have to be close to the console for it to pick up the signal. This means it will only really work when you are at a walking pace. A running pace will stretch you out towards the middle of the tread deck and out of range of the sensor. Thus the chest strap heart rate monitor is no more useful than the handle heart-rate monitor, which can only be used while walking.

One of the first problems we had was un-commanded shut downs. Shortly after this the incline motor stopped working all together. We called NT for service and were told to wait 48hrs for local service provider to call. Surprisingly they called later that day and scheduled servicing for the very next day at 1:30. Even better was the fact that the Techie showed up at 1:30. Wow, service was living up to expectation. The techie tore the machine to pieces with no obvious fault found. He then reassembled, re-calibrated, and installed updates. The machine works great again and I am very happy with service, which came with no charge.

So far I have only run about 30 km’s on the treadmill so its difficult to give a proper review. I decided to write this now because of the excellent service we had on breakdown. I am now glad that we bought something with a good warranty. Once the winter comes back, I am sure I will be spending more time on this machine, thus I plan to add to this review in the spring of 2013 when I have more time on it.

Pros :

  • Easy to use console layout
  • Lives up to most of my expectations
  • Fast pace and has a good incline range
  • IPOD’s work with the on board speaker system
  • Solid build
  • Good warranty coverage

Cons :

  • Console screen is small, making the info hard to read at a run
  • Touch screen is not very responsive
  • Heart rate chest strap only works when you are close to the console (slow walking speed)
  • Fan is small and only helps your face
  • Decline angle will cause tread to stop during foot fall

Notes : Love the machine other than the touch screen. After using it I would recommend NOT getting the fancy touchscreen because it is the downer of this unit. I would actually prefer the standard easy to read LED number layouts that you see on most gym treadmills. Otherwise I am very pleased with the unit and service.

Ryan’s Rating:

  1. Design : 3/5 – Runs great, but that touchscreen is slow and difficult to use at times. A good idea that was not executed very well.
  2. Quality : 4/5 – Heavy duty build on everything. The touchscreen is the only downside here.
  3. Durability : 4/5 – We had some initial problems that needed ironing out, I’ll revisit this in a year.
  4. Aesthetics : 5/5 – Considering its just a treadmill, it looks great.
  5. Value : 4/5 – I could have bought an equal machine for half the price, but I wanted the warranty coverage, and feel that its money well spent now.

Update 15 July 2012:

We were having some trouble getting the unit to boot properly. Then the incline stopped working all together. I was getting a little frustrated and called for service. The Nordic Track rep told us that we would be contacted within 48 hours by the local fix-it shop. A few hours later that call arrived and booked a meeting for the next day at 1:00. Fix-it guy showed up on time, tore the machine apart, checked all connections, then reassembled. Last on the list was a reset and firmware update. The treadmill was back up and running. Total cost for service…$0.00 which makes me one happy customer. I am now happy that I spent the extra money, because so far the warranty package is living up to its reputation.

Update 31 Jan 2014:

After two years of collecting dust, I finally convinced my wife that it was time to get rid of this machine. I was not using it because I much prefer to run outside, even in the -20C of winter, and it had a nice layer of dust on it which proves that my wife was not using it either. As I expected, its very difficult to keep up with a training program in your own house when there are too many distractions and reasons not to use the exercise equipment. Money better spent on a gym membership where you have no excuses to stop. I would still recommend this unit to anyone who is looking for a quality treadmill. I was able to have a few nice full speed runs on it with no issue.

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