Tanda mē elōs

My wife was bugging me to get her some sort of laser hair removal device. I was skeptical of the “at home” market for such a device right from the beginning, but she was pursuing the idea so I decided to do some research. After looking at many different models and compared a vast variety of reviews, I decided that the best model on the market (that was easily available and affordable) was the Tanda mē elōs.


I picked one up in November of 2012 for about $400 plus an extra couple cartridges and the facial hair removal kit. My wife immediately started using the kit as directed. Even though I was still skeptical of what this thing could do, I decided that I would also try to remove some unwanted hair as well. After reading the manual and watching the instructional DVD included in the kit, I started the treatment process. Both me and my wife are right smack in the middle of the skin and hair color charts, with myself having a shade darker hair, so this device should work for both of us.

Tanda recommends a 6 session plan at 2 week intervals. This means you should have very little hair showing after 3 months of use. For the first 6 sessions I used the recommended pattern of shaving followed by pulsing the area for the recommended intervals. I was looking to remove hair on my shoulders and stomach, however I was not seeing any change. I decided to continue for 2 more sessions. After 8 sessions or 4 months of trying the device, I still had no results. My stomach and shoulder hair was the same count and thickness.

I watched the DVD again and noticed that they highly recommend using the epilator attachment device to yank the hairs out right before the pulse. I was not going to invest more money into what I now believed was a silly waste of money product. So instead I started using a home waxing kit to yank the hair, followed promptly by use of the Tanda Me.

I followed this new pattern for another 10 sessions or 5 months of use which now put me into late July of 2013. There was a noticeable reduction of hair count and thickness. However I couldn’t be sure if it was the device at work, or the regular use of the home waxing kit.

The new test I devised was to stop using all forms of hair removal to see if my hair stayed thin, or would it grow back. So, I waxed and used this device one last time before we left for our summer vacation.

Well its December of 2013 now, and I’m sad to say that after nearly 5 months of no hair removal product, I am right back to where I started in 2012. My Shoulder and stomach hair is the same. No change at all. Hundreds of dollars spent on hair removal with no noticeable results.

The Nail in this coffin is that my wife was also using the device and saw no change either. We were discussing strategies of use over the last year, and even though we tried several different combinations of hair removal, this product did not work for either of us. I am now convinced that this device is nothing more that a gimmick. From what I can tell, the Tanda Me is nothing more than a Camera strobe flash attached to a fan and motor, with a capacitor that delivers a very mild static electric shock that you can feel with each pulse. This is all to give you the illusion that something is happening. The yanking of the hairs is what causes them to appear thin. The hair regrows thin and will thicken over time. So the short term use of this device gives false hope.

Pros :

  1. It looks nice
  2. Built of sturdy materials
  3. Looks like it would last a long time

Cons :

  1. This was a waste of money
  2. The cartridges only last for a couple sessions
  3. A total gimmick
  4. Does not prevent hair from re-growing

Notes : Don’t buy this device.

Ryan’s Rating:

  1. Design : 0/5 – It didn’t work for either of us, so it totally fails in this department. I am convinced its a gimmick.
  2. Quality : 4/5 – The actual build of the item is quite nice. heavy cords with long length that should last a long time if you care for the product.
  3. Durability : 3/5 – The cartridges get used up rather quick if you are doing large areas of your body, and the replacements are not cheap.
  4. Aesthetics : 4/5 – Looks great, fits in your hand well. No complaints in this department
  5. Value : 0/5 – How can it have value if it doesn’t work as advertised.

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