I’ve been shooting since I was quite little. But it wasn’t until 2008 that my passion for long range precision shooting really opened up. I love the idea of hitting a target that is barely visible to the naked eye.

I have several rifles in different calibers, but my favorite is the Remington 700 5R Mil Spec. I use this rifle for almost everything. Chambered in .308WIN, it can do almost anything. Short range varminting to long range precision to deer hunting, this rifle has just about the right balance. Of course that also means that its not great at any of the above.

The .308WIN has some problems. The bullets are short and fat when compared to other calibers. This means it can have problems with wind at long range. The 155 Gr. Lapua Scenar seems to be the best choice of bullet. However, once you have a load figured out, this cartridge is very capable of creating a nice tight group…

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