Deer hunting was a Success?

So I decided it was time upgrade my car.

To do this I decided call the W.T.D. suicide hotline. They had a couple candidates in the area and set me up with one they thought could help. After discussing a few things we setup a time and location to meet. With exceptional coordination and timing I managed to connect with my counterpart at about 7:20 this morning. The agreed location was just after an intersection of on Trans-Canada highway west bound. It was dark and difficult to see, and I was caught completely off gaurd by the incident. There was no time to react.
I must say I was surprised at how good the W.T.D. are at keeping to the plan, because I was in the wrong lane. I was supposed to be in the left lane as per our contract. But I was actually in the right lane. Thus the W.T.D. candidate had to move across the road to get into position. I think he was desperately trying to get into final position because the image I have in my head of that moment has the essence of “I think I can make it!”
In keeping with my part of the deal, the hit was to be fast and clean, minimum 110 KPH. I feel I held to that part of the plan because the two clean-up crew guys said that the left overs looked more like a MAC truck had done the job….not a car.
Big thanks to Toyota for doing their part in creating a safe and reliable car that has crumple zones in the correct places. The Air-bag did deploy under the impact, although it wasn’t needed.
At the end of it all, the car looks to be a write-off. The White Tail Deer is in a better place now. And I came out with virtually no damage.
Car Deer