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Long week of training

Well that was one long exhausting week of training. I feel so drained after 7 days of fitness. Finished off the week with a brick session this morning with my older brother. 2 hours total which started with a 30 km ride followed by an 8.7 km run. We were definitely not setting any records today, but another one goes in the log book.

I was comparing notes on what I accomplished this week versus 1 year ago. I am actually at a critical phase in my training right now. Last year this time it all started to fall apart. Work and nice weather started to get in the way of training and my stats started to drop off. That’s pretty sad because this is when I am supposed to be ramping up. I want on the top 10 list this year at Duathlon and focus will be key. No back sliding, no slowing down. I need to stay on track and that is going to be tough. Hopefully I have more drive this time around.